The limp is certainly not a loved one played by the purists of the technique no limit hold’em. Yet, one can take advantage of this ‘historically’ recognized as weak action .

Like all the novelties to be tested, however, it is mandatory that the pros and cons are known in depth , especially in the hyper-aggressive game that characterizes current MTTs (especially online) just calling, avoiding raising, could in some cases displace our opponents and make us accumulate a lot of chips.

It must be said that this technique, however not so new, is valid to be adopted in the early stage , when we have a deep stack , or from 40 big blinds upwards . Let’s see what pros and cons exist for this type of game.

The Pros

So what are the advantages of limp? We analyze three , all valid to adopt, we repeat it, in the first levels of a tournament, when our stack allows us to act even a little outside the box.

Small pots

Already in the early stages of an MTT, we sometimes find ourselves facing three-bet, four-bet, five-bet, with consequent complicated decisions to be made both preflop and postflop, since we also risk important portions of our stack. The limp, in essence, allows us a pot-control right from the preflop, which is not a bad thing in the first levels of a tournament.

Limpare to hide the hand

If we can mix this move with a wide range of hands, our opponents will find it very difficult to understand what we really have. Our being unreadable, therefore, could displace them and consequently make them commit mistakes.

Limp to widen the Range

By investing little, we have the opportunity to play mmc singapore casino hands like suited aces, suited connectors, with which we can win big pots if we hit the board well.

The Limp can be adopted also for the monster ( the grandfather move, ed) and although the position is not such a big factor for this strategy, it is advisable to be more tight in early position and loose in late , especially from the cut -off and from the button .

The Cons

Complex multiway pots are generated to play, especially against 3-4 or even 5 rivals. Often these are amateur players, novice and often indecipherable in their game without logic. As a result, we take too many risks.

Losing Value

Earlier among the Limp pros , we mentioned that we can hide our Monster hand for maximum results. In this case, however, the opposite is also true and by limiting the aces , for example , we not only risk making them explode, but even if they hold, losing value from our weak play.

Folding helps

The Limp allows you to greatly expand the range with which to play and in this way we limit the damage in the event that we do not hit anything on the board. The risk, however, of ending up in a limped hand and not knowing how to get out, or of not being able to fold, could cost you dearly. So before limping, consider whether you shouldn’t fold.

Play out of position

Often the opponents will raise to our limp, so by flatting we will play the hand out of position . A somewhat uncomfortable and dangerous situation.