5 tells to cancel to make the leap in poker

In poker, tells are a fundamental part of the game. Both for those who take advantage of the tells of the opponents and for those who involuntarily give a massive dose to the other players at the table. Today we are going to see the six worst tells , which must be canceled by every player. Six ” vices ” that risk being too dangerous a boomerang to face.

But before delving into the various types of tell, let’s remember the definition of tell itself. A tell is a gesture made by a player who reveals information about the way he is playing or his hand to the opponent who notices it . There is a distinction between the conscious and the unconscious tell, the tell of players who pretend and know or think they are being watched and the tell of players who feel observed.

Legs in motion

One of the most sensational tells in live poker is the nervous and continuous movement of the legs under the table. How many times have you happened to nervously shake your legs while sitting at the table? And how many times have you happened to do it during an important hand? It does not matter if you had a point or in full bluff. It is a tell to always avoid. Against experienced players you will be perfectly legible. So steady legs and as little movement as possible.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

It is true that the sun does not shine inside the casinos and it is true that many use glasses for fashion, but the eyes too often are a vehicle of information . From the eyes of the players it is clear whether they are “telling” a true story or not. In short, glasses are used to limit these tells . Above all, it becomes difficult to understand where a player looks, when he wears glasses and perhaps goes unnoticed even while reviewing his cards, looking for a project.

My mouth, shut up!

The less we talk at the table the better it will be for us . The regulation itself prohibits dialogue at the table if more than two players are involved in the hand. But even in the ” head to head ” always better to avoid. Especially if you are facing a player able to steal information even from the sound of your voice. To put it to Oronzo Canà, alias Lino Banfi: “ I will be silent as a fish, whose vocal cords have operated “.

It is forbidden to smash the jaw

Another typical tell that somehow relates to the previous one is the continuous movement of the mouth . Grimaces, small bites to the lips, fingers brought to the lips themselves and a jaw that never stays still. These are all small clues that when added together risk turning you into an open book for your opponents. Therefore silence and still mouth.

Beware of chips

Another tell to emphasize is the abuse of tricks at the table with chips . Especially if you are involved in the hand. Even simple fiddling with chips can give you important information. Be careful then when you move the chips in the bet. Try not to shake your hand or even awkwardly drop a stack of chips . Compact and safe movements during bets.

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